RD VSCC S3 Round 1 Cascavel

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Mixed fortunes for the team in Round 1 of the Race Department VSCC Season 3 Championship on Saturday evening, with Paul crashing and burning (literally!) after colliding with a wall and a very respectable 15th place finish for myself.

Paul had a great start to the race and got as high as 9th place after quite a few early accidents helped his progress through the field.  Unfortunately, it all came to a horrible end just before midway through the race, when he switched on push-to-pass too soon coming out of the penultimate corner and spun into the wall, the car catching fire and Paul escaping unhurt from the wreckage.  It was a cruel end to what would ultimately have been a fantastic finish.

I had more luck in the race and mostly stayed out of trouble that was going on around me.  I had a terrible start and dropped to 22nd by the first corner.  I made up quite a few places early on after a few unfortunate people went off track and I got up to 14th place by the time my pit stop came around at half way.  From then on it was a case of staying consistent and trying to keep chasing drivers behind me.  I moved up to 15th place and managed to hold off a quick Daniel Lee for the last 5 laps with every tactic and carefully thought out push-to-pass I could throw at him.

In the end I was delighted with my result, and thankfully Paul finished 7th last with his DNF, which at least means he doesn’t get relegated to server 2 for next week.

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