GPVWC Formula Challenge 2017 – Round 1 Australia

The beginning of a new chapter in the history of The Mighty Forth began on Tuesday evening with the start of the GPVWC Formula Challenge season in Melbourne, Australia.  It was the first time the team had competed in the GPVWC Career Ladder and although we didn’t achieve the results we were hoping for, there were plenty of positives to take from the event.

For the first time in a while, I managed to have a better event than my team mate, taking 13th place in race 1 and the first 3 points for the team.  I had a few close calls with other drivers spinning in front of me, but somehow avoided the worst of it.  Race 2 was going extremely well for me after just missing out on the reverse grid pole by one place, and I was sitting in 10th place, but I ran out of luck, tagging the front of a spinning car losing my front wing, being hit from behind straight after and losing my rear wing.  I was well off the racing line with the damage, but someone then moved in front of me and slowed down and I had no where to go but into the back of them as well.  I pitted, but I was too far back and eventually finished 19th.  Mark had incidents in both races unfortunately and took two 18th places in the end.  It was a shame for him as he had enough pace to get into the points in both races, but we now have to move on to Russia looking for a bit more luck and some more championship points.

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