RDGP S6 Round 1 Hockenheim

It was an outstanding performance from The Mighty Forth drivers for Round 1 of the Race Department GP season at Hockenheim.  Ferdinand was almost untouchable as he took pole position by a second and preceeded to lead from the front for the whole race and take an incredible win.  Luck was also on his side as he benefitted from a virtual safety car period by having the time to pit for new tyres and coming out in the lead again with everyone moving slowly.  David was just as impressive throughout, holding 3rd place for the majority of the race behind Matt Le Gallez and a second podium place was a huge plus point for the team.  Mark, unfortunately, had a rough time stuck in the midfield but recovered to finish 12th in the end, although after discussions with him, it seems that he was suffering a technical issue with his pedals which will hopefully improve his performance for round 2.  Ryan didn’t take part in the event after falling ill, but with only the top two cars scoring team championship points, it didn’t affect us in any way.

I am a very proud team manager after that performance and from a team point of view, we are leading the championship by a fair margin already.  With Ryan back for the next round and Mark hopefully improving his lap times, I’m hoping we can get another strong showing for The Mighty Forth.

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