RDTCC Season 10 Round 3 – Suzuka

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There was a massive shift in the possible outcomes for the championship on Saturday evening when Ryan took an incredible and well deserved victory at Suzuka, while a very unlucky Oscar Hardwick disconnected from the server, leaving his chances of retaining his crown hanging by a thread.  It was an event dogged by connection problems for a few drivers, some of whom didn’t even make the start, but thankfully all our drivers survived the mess to finish the race.  Ryan’s win leaves him in charge of the drivers championship standings at the moment and a good result in the remaining event at Bathhurst would give him a maiden championship victory.  Mark had another storming race with a fantastic 2nd place finish and making up a Mighty Forth 1-2 for the first time ever.  He also moves up to within 2 points of Oscar in the Drivers Championship standings with one eye on that second place finish.  Paul had another terrific race finishing in 4th place and is now fighting for a top five place in the championship.  I had an excellent race by my standards finishing in 7th place and moving up to 8th overall in the standings.  Both Mighty Forth teams were, unsurprisingly after that result, the two top scoring teams for the event, leaving both teams fighting with each other for the Team Championship win heading into the final event.

It was a huge result for the team overall, but the individual performances of my team mates, Ryan, Mark and Paul have been truly outstanding so far this season and I hope they can achieve all their personal goals in the final race at Bathhurst, and also give the team it’s maiden championship victory!

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