GPVWC Formula Challenge 2017 – Round 4 Spain

It was very contrasting emotions for me after Tuesday nights race in Valencia, with the complete shambles that was race 1 and the much more promising events of race 2.  Christoph took Mark’s seat for this race after he experienced problems with getting the track to work, but it was a debut to forget unfortunately with two non finishes, although he was running well in race 2 until a race ending incident completed his miserable evening.  Both of us were involved in a massive accident at the beginning of race 1 after Chris Shepherd hit a barrier with his rear tyre causing mayhem with the cars behind and both of us getting knocked around like in a frantic game of pinball.  By the time the dust settled we were second last and last.  It wasn’t to end there either, as Christoph had to retire and I soldiered on, only to be unceremoniously smashed into the wall by a driver veering massively offline when I was alongside.  I lost my front wing and had to pit, leaving me in 21st place by the end.  Race 2 was always going to be an uphill struggle with both cars starting on the wrong side of 20th place, but after yet another accident, which we managed to avoid this time, we found ourselves in the low teens quite quickly.  Christoph again had to retire after 4 laps, but I made it all the way up to 12th place and a much more satisfying performance to end the evening with some points as well.

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