GPVWC Formula Challenge 2017 – Round 5 Austria

Mark came back refreshed and ready to get back out on track for Round 5 of the GPVWC Formula Challenge championship in Austria after missing the previous round.  It certainly worked as planned as he took an excellent, and season high placing of 10th in race 1, and then impressed again, taking an outstanding 5th place in the reverse grid race 2.  I had a very good event as well, taking a fantastic 6th place in race 1, and after being taken out spectacularly in race 2 at the start, I recovered to 16th place, which was subsequently upgraded to 15th place, and a single championship point after the race penalties were handed out.  This was by far the best race of the season for Mark, and for the team as a whole.  It moved us up to 10th place in the teams championship and gave us both some much needed points in the drivers championship as well.

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