GPVWC Formula Challenge 2017 – Round 6 Monaco

Well, Monaco was always going to be a lottery and that’s exactly how it turned out for both of us on Tuesday evening.  Mark definitely had the best of the evening, lying in 10th place in race 1 before devastatingly stalling his car and having to retire, before making up for his error with a superb 8th place in race 2.  I had a fairly horrible evening, being stuck at turn 1 for what seemed like an eternity before trying to recover the ground I’d lost.  I got as high as 17th before I was turned around by another car near the end of the lap and had to wait for the rest of the field to pass before making a safe recovery.  I was so far behind after that I could only manage 20th position.  Race 2 also started badly, again I was hit from behind at the start facing the wall.  I recovered from 26th to 12th in the end and although it wasn’t the best result, I took it as a massive personal victory after everything else had gone horribly pear shaped.

Onwards to Canada now, and hopefully Mark can take some of his new found confidence into that event and I can finally remove the ‘hit me’ sticker from the rear of my car!

The screenshots for this event are the first using the rFactor 2 DX11 version, although I’m still having to run the game in DX9 to keep the game running smoothly and because there’s still no hud mods that will work in DX11 yet.

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